Tips for Self-Care Practice

This past year has been a hectic year for many all over the world. People have been coping with all that life brings in many ways. One way is working on self-care practices. There are many reasons why introducing practices of self-care into your life can make a pivotal difference in your life. For many, these practices and habits get overlooked in the chaos of the day. 

What Is Self-Care

Self-care is defined as any activity that is intentionally meant to care for our mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual health and wellness. Certain activities are common self-care practices. This means taking care of yourself so that you are healthy physically, and mentally.

Women have this weakness, where they try to be all - everywhere and available to everyone. You are at your best when you work, interact with friends and family, and you can do all the things that is important and want to in a day. This can look very different for each individual but some common self-care...

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Let your Schedule Reflect your Priorities

Block out time for the activities that are meaningful to you. Your schedule is based on your priorities.

 Spend time exploring your values and priorities. Create my own definition of success rather than reacting to external forces. Clarifying your purpose helps to make sound decisions and feel fulfilled.

 Wake up early and use the quiet hours to reflect and put things in order.

 Plan your week and month in advance. Set long term objectives and interim targets that need to be reached to stay on track. Figure out a realistic timeframe for each project.

I prepare for interruptions and surprises. When needed, I revise my strategy while maintaining my goals.

 I take breaks regularly. Giving myself enough time to rest and relax prevents burnout. It also enhances my performance. I spend my lunch hour chatting with coworkers or taking a walk. I use my vacation days and take family outings on weekends.

I work steadily toward my goals. I have the patience to persevere...

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Who Are You when You're Confident?

Does this question leave you a little flustered? To some, the idea might seem difficult. They’ll answer immediately, “I’m not confident” and may have trouble even remembering a time they were confident. You might be bothered by the question, especially if you’re not sure why confidence should matter at all.

If that’s the case for you, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at confidence itself. You might not have a clear understanding of just what it is or why it’s important. 

What is Confidence?

When you think of someone confident, what do you see? You probably see someone with a certain set of traits including several, if not all the items from this list:

 They have an absolute, set belief in themselves

  • They consider themselves capable of handling the situation they’re in
  • They expect success when they begin a new task
  • When they speak, they mean what they say
  • They hold themselves in a way that looks natural but full...
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Finding Hope In Uncertain Times

There is a lot of uncertainty in life, whether in our personal affairs or in our changing and unsteady political climate. The strategies that most of us rely on to contend with such uncertainty tend to be self-defeating. When we face an uncertain future we often resort to feeling anxious, worrying, complaining, or being negative about events that may never occur.

But some people rise to meet uncertain times with hope and resilience. We need to develop such attitudes if we want to be successful in the face of life’s ups and downs.

What does having hope mean? Think of how you handle difficult situations. Do you offer platitudes like, “I hope everything will work out”? Unfortunately, this is just a way of disengaging or checking out of a difficult situation. True hope comes from a source much deeper, your core. At your core, there are vital qualities that help to determine how much hope you yourself feel, as well as what you can offer to others. Hope is an essential...

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How to Stay Hopeful when Things Go Wrong in Life

For you to be happier, you will need to think positively even when it seems your life is falling apart. Have you tried looking at someone who is always happy and wondered how did they do it? Their positive attitude and positive outlook on life are what draws them to others. Thinking positively can help you attain your goals in life. This will also make your life much easier.

Below are some of the tips you can consider to keep a positive attitude when things went wrong:

 Don’t Just Exist, But Learn to Live Your Life. Live daily like it will be your last. Passion and positive outlook for life are actually contagious. If you will stay upbeat, you will find that some people want to be around you.

 Don’t React, But Rather Just Act. Do not wait until things go wrong. Be proactive and you should make things happen for yourself. Being reactive in your situation will not let get going. Life is what you make. You only one try. So, take life as it comes. Then, make the...

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Be Strong and Courageous

We all are confronted with fear at some point and sometimes rightly so. Where we are required to take some bold steps. Steps that are beyond us and our small thinking. I am reminded of Joshua, where God so often reminded him to be strong and courageous - three times in one passage. Yet we read of so many men and women in the Bible who in the midst of fear acted with great courage.

 But, being courageous can let you face or overcome your fears in life even if it means you should sacrifice or take risks. If you think you don’t have the courage to surpass all the challenges in life, well you are wrong. Life will never run out of challenges. They are already part of anyone’s lives. That is the reason why each one of you is equipped with the courage to win any battle in life. You may know about the existence of courage in your system, but think about how you face every fear in your life since you were just a little? Isn’t it courage or just your instinct?


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How Tiny Tweaks to Habits Can Change Your Life

business goals+ habits healthy Mar 25, 2020

Take a moment and think about what you could accomplish in a week, a month, or even a year if you created tiny habits today and kept building them up over time. Trying to make massive changes all at once usually leads to burn out or failure but taking small baby steps with tiny habits toward a bigger goal is doable, sustainable, and a road to success.

Habits of all kinds – both good and bad – have compounding effects, which means the more you do something, the greater the results. So the more frequently you lace up those sneakers and run, you’ll achieve superior cardiovascular health, you’ll be in enviable shape, and the better your chances of finishing a marathon. Likewise, the more frequently you drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, or partake in other detrimental habits, the more health problems you’ll encounter over time.

What is a Tiny Habit?

Tiny habits are simply those actions we take every single day without thinking about it. Brushing your teeth twice...

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5 Ways to Cultivate Good Habits

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

We all have bad habits; it’s a fact of life because we’re human and imperfect. The good news is that bad habits can be changed with some discipline and work. Changing bad habits doesn’t happen overnight but simply acknowledging the bad behavior is the first step toward change. 

Here are some tips for changing bad habits into good habits:

  1. Keep the temptation out of sight.

 If you have a problem with overeating junk food, for example, keep those tempting foods out of your home. Avoid those particular aisles at the grocery store. Step away from the snack table when you’re a guest at someone’s house. If your temptation isn’t visible, then you’ll get used to not having that temptation in your life, which in itself forms a good habit of not overindulging.

  1. Reward yourself.

 If you want to stop biting your nails, schedule a manicure or a day at the spa after 6-8 weeks as a reward, provided you stayed true and avoided biting those...

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Avoid Burning Out By Finding the Right Work / Life Balance

personal development Mar 12, 2020

I am sure you have heard the saying, ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup.’ This is why you need to learn to take care of yourself. Keeping yourself motivated is an inside job. You might do an excellent job at creating the right environment and getting the requisite resources to succeed, but if you are not taking care of yourself, you will not be able to stay motivated for very long. It is hard to keep pushing yourself to do more when your body is already falling apart under the pressure.

Achieving success at the expense of your health is not a very wise idea. It is equally unwise to neglect your family and friends in the process. While it is true that sacrifices will need to be made, your health and relationships should not be one of them. In short, it will be much easier to motivate a healthy mind and body.

Pay careful attention to these 5 areas that are often neglected in the pursuit of success:


How, when and what we eat, has a huge bearing on how well our...

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15 Things to Drop when Pursuing your Goals

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020

Big goals require commitment and focus. You don’t have time for the things that people with mediocre results spend their time on. There are things you have to be willing to give up. Fortunately, if you’re truly committed, these things are easy to avoid.

 However, they can be great distractions if your commitment is lacking. Setting goals that excite you is tremendously helpful.

 Be prepared to give up a few things if you want to accomplish big goals:

 Worrying about things you can’t control. Ask yourself what you’re accomplishing by worrying about things outside of your control. You’ll find that worrying never solved anything.

  1. Worrying about the opinions of others. People think about you less than you imagine. When you’re trying to accomplish something challenging, you just don’t have time to worry about what others think.
  2. Wasting time in general. Big goals require time, and you simply don’t have time to waste on...
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